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Our New Virtual R&D Conference: What's Included?

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CPD Hours

Leading Recovery following Covid-19: What to expect

The National Research and Development Conference 2020 will explore what the Covid-19 crisis means for the R&D community and how the sector can drive recovery in the long term

Explore the funding landscape facing research-active institutions and how the new R&D roadmap will support the commitment of £22 billion on public investment in R&D by 2024 – 2025
Assess what research agendas will look like following the crisis and how institutions can ensure their research activities meet global challenges
Examine how universities can support the resilience of their R&I programmes, continue to attract funding and support the financial resilience of their institutions
Gain insights from across the R&D community, as partners seek to maximise impact, enhance knowledge exchange and support solutions for a Post Covid-19 Economy
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