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Professor David Price, Vice-Provost (Research), UCL (invited)

  • Supporting the government and the Industrial Strategy in its commitment to increase investment in research and development to 2.4% of GDP by 2027 through attracting business investment in UK universities
  • Outlining the importance of university-business collaboration in supporting Knowledge Exchange (KE) which benefits the UK economy and society through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), training and consultancy
  • Sharing how the NCUB supports universities and businesses in developing partnerships in order to help them transform and grow
  • Exploring NCUB change programmes which help to map out clear and practical solutions for business-university collaborations across different topics in the economic sector

Dr Joe Marshall, Chief Executive, National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB) (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining how knowledge exchange plays a crucial role in the performance of a university through providing opportunities for sharing of ideas and expertise and the commercialisation of research and innovation
  • Sharing ideas for building better collaboration between universities and business to create opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Discussing the funding landscape for knowledge exchange and how this plays a crucial role in the development of commercialised research

Alice Frost, Knowledge Exchange Director, Research England (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining the journey in developing excellent research into a social enterprise which aims to add social value in the community to empower people to manage their own health and wellbeing
  • Embedding social innovation in knowledge exchange practices through the Hope For The Community CIC to allow for sustainable social and economic research impact
  • Sharing how to create a research project which supports Sustainable Development Goals and the Civic Universities agreement
  • Exploring the impact and social value of Hope For The Community CIC which has provided face-to-face and digital products and services which have helped people living with long-term physical conditions by reducing their anxiety and stress levels whilst building resilience and confidence

Winner of the Parxis Auril Knowledge Exchange Deal of the Year Award 2019

Helen Lau, Knowledge Exchange Manager, Hope for The Community, Coventry University (CONFIRMED)

  • Sharing how the Royal College of Art works in collaboration with small businesses, multinational corporations, enterprises, government, universities and charities to successfully develop research and knowledge exchange
  • Creating impact by sharing state-of-the-art multidisciplinary research with external companies and institutions
  • Exploring the different collaborations and partnership undertaken with industry including with Huawei, Visa Europe and Hyundai

Tatiana Schofield, Head of Knowledge Exchange, Royal College of Art (CONFIRMED)

  • Discussing the £91m boost in research funding for English universities for 2019-20 and how the government is not on track to meet its target of 2.4% spend of GDP on research and development by 2027 with current trends estimating this target will not be reach until 2053
  • Analysing the importance of research and development at the head of the government’s industrial strategy to ensure the UK stays at the forefront of innovation after Brexit and into the future
  • Exploring the opportunities provide through Quality-Related (QR) research funding and how this supports research talent

Stephanie Smith, Head of Policy, Russell Group (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining the formation, development and success of the N8 Research Partnership between 8 research intensive universities in the North of England
  • Encouraging efficiency in higher education through collaborative processes including equipment sharing and sharing facilities to position the N8 as key innovation hubs with social and economic impact
  • Sharing the N8 vision for 2017-2020 centred on knowledge exchange and innovative engagement activities across businesses, the public sector and society
  • Developing transnational research projects to encourage direct and indirect investment within the north of England and demonstrate its capabilities for transformation and innovation

Dr Annette Bramley, Director, N8 Research Partnership (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining strategies for enhancing impact and improving partnerships between universities, businesses and research organisations through an additional £7 billion of funding by 2021 in line with the government’s commitment to 2.4% of GDP increase in spending on research and development
  • Discussing the funding landscape available for research across the UK and how the UKRI can support funding opportunities, through funds such as the Expanding Excellence in England (E3) Fund, Strategic Priorities Fund, Global Challenges Research Fund and Strength in Places Fund
  • Exploring the future of the UK research and innovation landscape in line with the Industrial Strategy, including the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund

Isobel Stephen, Executive Director - Strategy and Governance, UKRI (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining the University of York Enterprise Fellowship programme, designed to support the translation of research into business ideas through strategic investment in research-talent and a commitment to developing Knowledge Exchange (KE)
  • Exploring how the one-year programme provides support and time for researchers to develop skills, ideas and enhance commercial awareness for external engagement through forming partnerships with key stakeholders to spin-out ideas
  • Developing tailored modules and a mentoring programme to support fellows in their development
  • Providing a programme through which researchers can explore big societal questions and accelerate their career

Winner of the Parxis Auril Internal KE Initiative of the Year Award 2019

Dr Karen Clegg, Head of Research Excellence Training, University of York (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining the journey over the past five years of developing a collaborative partnership between Oxford University and the National Trust to create opportunities for interdisciplinary research, knowledge exchange and public engagement
  • Sharing the mutual benefit of the collaboration between academia and the heritage sector which has allowed for new research into National Trust places whilst facilitating research into collections and landscapes
  • Exploring the cultural change driven by the partnership which has opened doors for more collaboration between academia and the heritage sector through engagement with vast public audiences and creating new opportunities for cross-sector training and new ways of measuring the commercial value of research for the UK economy
  • Learning through two-way knowledge exchange which helps to facilitate new research into the National Trusts portfolio of collections and places through work streams, research placements, consultancy, workshops and internships

Winner of the PraxisAuril Knowledge Exchange Partnership of the Year Award 2019

Alice Purkiss, National Trust Partnership Lead, University of Oxford (CONFIRMED)
Alison Evans, Assistant Director of Operations in London and the South-East, National Trust (CONFIRMED)

Gain the latest insights from experts in the higher education sector on creating and developing effective and innovative research strategies, through partnerships and collaboration, to allow for leading and pioneering research projects

  • Analysing how to develop innovative research strategies within a higher education institution through partnerships, knowledge exchange and collaboration
  • Sharing examples of best practice and practical insights for effectively developing research partnerships across universities, businesses and industry
  • Discussing the importance of funding and the different funding opportunities available for the development of research and research partnerships
  • Exploring how to develop research initiatives which offer maximum impact on society and industry to encourage economic growth through new innovations


Ben Sumner, Director of Engagement and Partnerships, Research and Innovation, Financial and Business Services, University of Nottingham (CONFIRMED)
Helen Lewis, Director of Research and Innovation Division, University of East Anglia (CONFIRMED)
Dr Maggie McGowan, Director of Research and Innovation, University of Hull (CONFIRMED)
Alison Vipond, Head of Research Development, Northumbria University (CONFIRMED)
Professor Edward Byrne, Principal and President, King's College London (CONFIRMED)

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