Gabriela Matouskova

Gabriela Matouskova

Business Development Manager,
Hope for The Community, Coventry University

Gabriela has over 20 years of experience of income generation, project management, and collaborations building in the UK and internationally. Gabriela leads work on managing social impact and value at Coventry University Social Enterprise. Gabriela is passionate about creating social value and Coventry being a Social Enterprise City and a City of Culture 2021. She is working with university researchers to extend their impact through sustainable social enterprise models, namely with Hope For The Community CIC where her work contributed to the social enterprise recognised in 2019 Natwest SE100 and winner of Praxis Auril KE Deal of the Year 2019.

  • Outlining the journey in developing excellent research into a social enterprise which aims to add social value in the community to empower people to manage their own health and wellbeing
  • Embedding social innovation in knowledge exchange practices through the Hope For The Community CIC to allow for sustainable social and economic research impact
  • Sharing how to create a research project which supports Sustainable Development Goals and the Civic Universities agreement
  • Exploring the impact and social value of Hope For The Community CIC which has provided face-to-face and digital products and services which have helped people living with long-term physical conditions by reducing their anxiety and stress levels whilst building resilience and confidence

Winner of the Parxis Auril Knowledge Exchange Deal of the Year Award 2019